Living Walls Tile Patterns

Biophilic Interior Design

Central to our design philosophy at Living Walls Tile is that kitchen and bath tile should not only function well, but be beautiful and uplifting. Biophilic interior design ideas embrace the concept that our homes should evoke a sense of well-being by incorporating the colors and patterns of nature in kitchen and bathroom design ideas. After all, kitchens and baths are the rooms where you start and finish every day; why shouldn’t they be emotionally uplifting? The term Biophilic, describes this human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature. At Living Walls Tile, we embrace the concept of biophilic design in all of our tile patterns and glaze colors.

An Investment in Everyday Living

You take pride in your home, and enjoy spending time together with your family and friends in spaces that reflect your unique sensibilities and style. 
Handcrafted tile is an art form which fuses together color, surface and texture with function. All of our tile patterns are the original work of tile designer and ceramic sculptor, David Regan. While our tiles are eclectic and contemporary, we use traditional techniques. All of our clay and glazes are mixed in house, using natural materials from the earth. The process makes the tiles a bit more costly than large mainstream manufacturers, however, the extra cost affords you the luxury of owning an original, and authentic work of ceramic art. Our tile will set your home apart from boring box-store solutions, with unique backsplash ideas, and walk in shower tile ideas. When planning your kitchen and bathroom remodel ideas, consider our tile as the starting to point to unify your design concepts and then select the rest of the elements, such as lighting, fixtures and flooring. Just as a great painting can influence the mood and character of a living room, so to can artistic tile shape the atmosphere of your kitchen and bathroom ideas. Make everyday beautiful, with Living Walls Tile.
Living Walls Tile Patterns