Contemporary American Art Tile

From Missoula Montana

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Biophillic Tile Design

Calming images and colors from the natural world

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Bamboo Forest Shower

Imagine showering in the seclusion of a natural bamboo grove. The fresh smells of the forest and open air fill your lungs and rejuvenate your spirit. Bring these sensations to the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom with our bamboo shower artistic tiles. 

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Custom Art Tile Glaze Colors

Glazes, From the Earth

Our glazes are mixed in house and are the result of years of testing and refining. Natural ingredients like copper, cobalt, and iron come from the earth and are the basis for the green, blue and amber colors of our glazes. Unlike commercial art tile companies, which use synthetic ingredients producing dead lifeless colors, our natural ingredients form glaze colors that are rich and nuanced. This complex glaze color is what makes rooms come to life.

When planning your kitchen and bathroom remodel ideas, consider our tile as the starting to point to unify your design concepts and select the rest of the elements, such as lighting, fixtures and flooring. Just as a great painting can influence the mood and character of a living room, so to can artistic tile shape the atmosphere of your kitchen and bathroom ideas.

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