Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my bathroom look beachy


Q: How do I calculate how many tiles I need for my bathroom wall with Living Walls Tile?

A: To begin with, avoid using total square footage as a measure. Calculating your project in square feet is only beneficial when tiling large areas, where some waste is expected, and you typically purchase tiles in boxes. However, Living Walls Tiles are sold individually and not packaged in boxes. We suggest measuring the length and height of the space you want to tile and then dividing those dimensions by the size of the Living Walls Tiles you are interested in, while considering the width of grout lines you plan to use. When determining the number of tiles needed, it is advisable to start by centering a tile at the midpoint of your wall or backsplash, and then work your way towards the edges. This way, any cuts required will be located at a corner or edge.

Q: How much does it cost to tile a shower with handmade tile?

A: Contrary to popular belief, handmade tiles are more affordable than many people realize. At Living Walls Tile, most tile projects range in price from $400 to $2500. We price our tiles individually because we consider each one to be a handmade work of art. Although the initial cost may appear expensive, if you compare it to the price of a handmade drawing or painting, you'll discover that using our tiles is a much more cost-effective method of transforming your living space into a beautiful and expressive environment.

Q: What is the typical lead time for Living Walls Tile Orders?

A: On average, it takes three weeks for an order to be processed and shipped from the time it is placed. The majority of our orders are custom-made, allowing you to select your preferred glaze color and pattern. However, we do maintain a stock of tiles that are glazed with the most popular colors in the selected pattern. If your desired tiles are in stock, they will be shipped immediately.


Q: Is it difficult to ship Living Walls Tile? Is breakage common?

A: Very rarely do our tiles break in shipping. They are packed in bundles with padding between each tile, then the entire bundle is wrapped in additional padding and placed inside a lined box. Every shipment is fully insured so you are guaranteed to receive your tiles in perfect condition or we replace them at no additional charge, including shipping.


Q: Is it possible to get samples of Living Walls Tiles before placing a large order?

A: Absolutely. For this, there are two options available:

  1. Request free glaze samples. Fill out the form on our website and we will send your chosen glaze colors, usually the next business day. These glaze samples are 3” squares that are cut from actual tiles. So, while you won’t see the entire tile, you will be able to see and feel a piece of the actual tile in person. If you are interested in a particular glaze and pattern combination, provide that in the notes and we will try to accommodate your request.
  2. Order an actual tile. While this is not a free option, we are happy to refund your money, up to $110.00, if opt to not use that particular color pattern combination, or decide not to use our tiles at all. This is the best way to see and feel an actual tile. You’ll be amazed at the depth and brilliance of our unique textures and colors!

Q: Can you provide guidance and design advice for my walk-in shower, kitchen backsplash, or other projects?

A:  Yes, we are happy to offer suggestions for both aesthetic design advice as well as assisting in calculating the correct number of tiles to order. We are available by phone at 406-728-5536 or by email at Feel free to text or email photographs of your installation space as it will help us get a visual read on your specific project goals.


Q: Is any special care required for living walls tile, vs mass-produced tile found in large box stores like Home Depot?

  1. Our tiles can be cleaned with any gentle non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid abrasive cleaning products like harsh cleansers or aggressive cleaning pads, as they can scratch the glossy glaze surface of the tiles.

Q: Can Living Walls Tile be cut on a tile saw? Are there any special installation instructions for Living Walls Tile?

A: Yes, they can be cut just like any normal tile on a diamond wet saw. We recommend using plenty of water in the cutting process, as well as cutting the tiles with the glaze side up. Cutting with the glaze side down can cause small chips on the cut edge.

Q:  Can I install Living Walls Tile on my floor?

A: No, Living Walls Tile are intended as wall tile only. The high gloss surface is not suitable for floors.

Q: Can I install Living Walls Tile outdoors in locations like a spa, hot tub, or swimming pool?

A: Absolutely. Living Walls Tiles are made from vitreous porcelain clay which is dense and glassy and will not absorb any moisture, ever!


Q: Are Living Walls Tile durable? Will the glaze color fade over time if exposed to sunlight?

A: No. The glaze color will remain exactly the same for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years! We’ve done many years of glaze research and testing to create our clay and glaze formulas and can assure you they are more durable than most commercially available tiles on the market. We fire our kilns in excess of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, so normal atmospheric conditions have no effect on the colors or surfaces.


Q: Can I request custom patterns and Glaze colors?

A: Absolutely. Because every phase of the production process happens right in the Living Walls Tile studio, we can customize our process much more easily than large production studios. Because we mix all of our glazes in-house from raw, natural materials, we can alter the formulas to subtly change the hues and values of the colors. We’re open to suggestions! If there is a pattern or color you don’t see on our website, please don’t hesitate to ask, we are open to your ideas. Several of our current patterns and colors came as suggestions from past clients!


Q: Are your tiles suitable for beach-themed bathrooms? Can they withstand the salty ocean air?

A:  Yes, Living Walls Tiles are made from vitreous porcelain and can withstand very harsh environments, including salt beach air.


Q: How do I make my bathroom look beachy?

A:  Stick with classic coastal colors, like turquoise blues and greens. Living Walls glaze colors are inspired by the historical glazes of ancient Persia and are highly evocative of the colors of the beach. We design tiles and glaze colors which will never go out of style because they are inspired by the colors and patterns in the natural world.