Coastal Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tile That Looks Like Water!

The subtle hues of blue, green turquoise water should be the foundation for your coastal bathroom ideas.  These colors are captured perfectly by our translucent ceramic glazes. We use a traditional process where a subtle relief texture is embossed into the surface of the tile prior to applying the glaze color. During the firing process, this glaze melts and pools into the embossed texture, creating an image on the surface of the tile that looks like real water. You'll have to touch it to believe it isn't wet!

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At Living Walls Tile, we offer a variety of tile patterns and glaze colors to help complete your coastal bathroom tile ideas.  Whether you are designing a new bathroom from scratch, or searching for remodeling ideas, consider our artisan tile as a foundation for your walk in shower design or bathroom backsplash.  Even just a splash of color as a backsplash behind your bathroom vanity can be the focal point for your entire bathroom, like a window overlooking the ocean! 


tile that looks like water