Farmhouse Kitchen Tile Ideas

Bring the Outdoors, Indoors.

Start With Kitchen Backsplash Tile

When considering your farmhouse kitchen design, whether it be a new construction project, or a remodel, your kitchen backsplash design is a great place to start!  The aesthetic of your backsplash can set the mood for the entire kitchen. Here at Living Walls Tile, we believe in the biophillic philosophy of bringing the colors and designs of the outdoors, into your kitchen. Images of fields and grasses can give your kitchen an expansive feeling, and help you breath a little deeper and relax a little more when you start your day.


At Living Walls Tile, we offer a variety of tile patterns and glaze colors, inspired by imagery to compliment your farmhouse kitchen tile ideas. Use our Wheatfield Backsplash series, or Natural Grass tiles to build a backsplash that will add a unique flare to kitchen backsplash. We also offer Border and Field tile in a variety of sizes and matching glaze colors, which can be used to trim your decorative backsplash tiles.


Handmade Kitchen Backsplash