Walk In Shower Tile Ideas

Searching for Walk in Shower Tile Ideas?

Are you tired of the same old boring walk in shower tile ideas offered by your local tile store? Consider using Living Walls Tile, handmade artisan tile from Missoula, Montana.

Walk in showers are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, ease of maintenance, and, the opportunity to show off your beautiful bathroom walk in shower tile designs!  Without unsightly doors or shower curtains to block the view of your custom tile installation, your walk in shower can become like a work of art in your bathroom!

Make decorative tile the focal point.

If your budget will allow, tiling your entire shower with Living Walls Tile is a great option. Doing so creates an immersive experience, almost like stepping outside into a private bamboo thicket.  However, if the entire shower is not possible, consider using decorative tile on only one wall, or part of one wall, and make that wall the focal point of your installation. Even one or two columns or rows of tile can transform the entire shower!

Choose Lighting that functions well and compliments your tile installation.

While ambient light from the room can often suffice, especially when a partially covered glass panel can be used, light sources specifically incorporated into the shower itself can add function and beauty to your walk in shower ideas.  Skylights and tubes are a great way to illuminate your shower with natural light. The best artificial lighting solutions for making your decorative tile installation really shine, is to add oblique lighting to the wall directly above the tiles. This will illuminate the tiles with gentile glow which doesn't create highlights on glossy tile surfaces.


Bamboo Walk In Shower Tile Designs